Driving School Tilburg

Driving School Tilburg

Steering you in the right direction.

Driving School Tilburg is the choice for affordable driving lessons near Tilburg. We provide tailored learning driving lessons in a personal and professional way by one of our experienced driving instructors. Because this is a once in a lifetime experience we try our best to offer you the best guidance possible.

Start your driving lessons in Tilburg

When you start with driving lessons, you will learn all sorts of new skills regarding driving. To eventually develop particular skills to grow into a confident and qualified driver. Therefore, you’ll need an adequate driving instructor. We focus on students who are enthusiastic about achieving their driver’s license. At Driving School Tilburg you’ll get a personal driving instructor who will guide you along the way.

There are a lot of different providers to choose from. Driving School Tilburg has an exceptional succession rate. Besides, we offer a free trial lesson. Thus, you can decide for yourself if Driving school Tilburg is a match for you.

Driving school Tilburg has been giving low-cost driving lessons near Tilburg, Breda, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, and Waalwijk for several years. We would be pleased if we may prepare you for your next driver’s exams. Interested? Contact us through the button below.

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driving school tilburg
Driving School Tilburg

Why Driving School Tilburg?

Our mission says it all: “Steering you in the right direction.” Driving School Tilburg teaches you the right choices regarding driving skills and road safety. We want to get that driver’s license! From the first trial lesson, you know exactly what you’re in for. Together we are devoted to helping you grow into a qualified and confident driver.

Do you want to speed things up? It is possible to get your driving license in a shortened period. We are offering a package crash course. This is a good way to get your driving license quickly! Do you have limited time, and can you only take driving lessons after work? No problem! We are available during weekdays and weekends. And all without surcharge or hidden costs. Simply transparent and cheap driving lessons at Driving School Tilburg.

We also offer Dutch driving lessons in Tilburg!

Are you a Dutch student aiming to get your driver’s license? Driving School Tilburg is also known as Rijschool Tilburg. Do you want to know more about our driving lessons in Dutch?

Crash course drivers license Tilburg

If you want your driving license quickly our crash course is a good option for you! This ensures that you can get your driving license within 10 days. Nice if you want to hit the road quickly.

To follow the crash course, you must already have your theory certificate. We will then request a health certificate together with you and pick a date for the practical exam in advance. After this, we schedule all your driving lessons up to the date of the practical exam.

Drivers school Tilburg
Driving School Tilburg

Driving schools in Tilburg

Tilburg is a big city that has a lot of driving schools and students. So the choice is all yours. We want not only to give you the best price but also the best advice possible. When you eventually are following driving lessons, it is essential to have a good understanding with your driving instructor; the most important aspect is that you feel secure in the vehicle. After all, you will spend a lot of time together to teach you to become a capable driver.

Therefore, Driving School Tilburg is the place to be for your driver’s license. We already think that we are the best driving school surrounding Tilburg, but ultimately we want to convince you! Therefore, we offer you a free trial to experience driving a car

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Automatic driving Tilburg

Looking for automatic driving lessons in Tilburg and the surrounding area? Then you have come to the right place at our driving school Tilburg. Our automatic driving lessons Best are ideal for people who have difficulty driving a manual transmission car. This can also be the ideal solution for people with performance anxiety or other medical reasons. An automatic driving license only gives you the exemption to drive automatic cars. So make sure that you are NOT allowed to drive manual transmission cars.

You will receive your driver’s license as soon as you have successfully completed your automatic driving lessons in Tilburg. A code 78 is put on it to indicate that it is an automatic driving license. With our experienced instructors, we ensure that you are guided in the best possible way during your automatic driving lessons Tilburg. With our tailor-made automatic driving lessons and personal guidance, we ensure that everyone can become a confident and safe driver.

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automatic driving lessons Tilburg

Sign up for our cheap trial lesson + personal driving lessons advice

During the  trial lesson you’ll get to know your instructor, our cars en we will tell you more about how our lessons look like.

After this, you will get a personal advice and you’ll know exactly how many lessons you’ll need

Packages and Prices

What are the costs of getting your license at our driving school? We think it’s important that getting a drivers license is accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer many different packages which you can pay in installments. You can combine the packages to buy (extra) lessons for € 60,- per lesson.

Do you want to follow your driving lessons faster? You can get it in one month with our crash course. This has an allowance of €199,- on top of our packages.


Keep up your progress in our app, get your homework assignments and appointment confirmations through the app.

Trial lesson

Save on your trial lesson!

English speaking instructor

Automatic and manual car available

Get advice on how many classes you need

Modern lesson car

€ 70,-

NOW €35,-

Package A

Save money on your driving lesson

10 driving lessons

English speaking instructor

Modern lesson car

Payments in terms available

Including practice book PDF

Inclusive use of student app

€ 600,-

NOW €450,-

Package B

Save money on your driving lesson

19 driving lessons

Payments in 2 terms available

Free interim exam CBR (worth €260)

Free English theory course (Worth €70)

English speaking instructor

Modern lesson car

Inclusive use of student app

€ 1470,-

NOW €1145,-

Package C

Save money on your driving lesson

27 driving lessons

Payments in 3 terms available

Free interim exam CBR (worth €260)

Free English theory course (Worth €70)

English speaking instructor

Modern lesson car

Inclusive use of student app

€ 1950,-

NOW €1585,-

Package D

Save on your driving lessons!

35 driving lessons

Payments in 3 terms available

Free interim exam CBR (worth €260)

Free English theory course (Worth €70)

English speaking instructor

Modern lesson car

Inclusive use of student app

€ 2430,-

NOW €1999,-


Practical exam CBR€300,-
Intermittent exam CBR€260,-
Practical exam performance anxiety€ 50,-
Single lesson€ 60,-
Pass Guarantee BLUE€ 175,-
Trial lesson€ 35,-

Information about our exams

Theory exam drivers license B

Before you can participate in the practical exam, you will need to succeed in the theory exam at CBR. It is allowed to make this exam from the age of 16. You can decide to register with us.

During the theory exam, you will be tested on hazard perception, traffic rules, and traffic insight. You have to master these 3 parts before you can get on the road safely.

The costs for the theory exam are €34.50. You can also request a performance, anxiety, or dyslexia exam. You will then be given extra time and questions can be read out loud if necessary. There is an additional charge for a special theory exam.

See the video on the right for more information.

Interim exam drivers licence B

An interim exam is a kind of test that is the same as the regular practical exam. This allows you to get used to a regular exam. The examiner also gives you tips and tricks which you need to take with you to your practical exam. This way you can prepare yourself even better for the real one. If you perform the special operations properly, you can even get an exemption for this part with the real practical exam.

What do you take with you during your interim test?

See the video on the left for more information.

Practical exam drivers license B

Do you and your instructor think you’re ready for a real exam? Then you can apply for your practical exam at the CBR. You can only participate when you have obtained your theory certificate, and your driving school has authorized your health certificate. The minimum age at which the candidate can take part in the practical exam is for the Netherlands 17 years. When you take your exam with the required end result, you can apply for your driving license in Eindhoven.

What does a practical exam for your driver’s license B look like? Watch the video on the right.

Anxiety exam drivers license B

When do we advise you to apply for a performance exam? You can do this when you have fear of failure or are too nervous to be able to show what you are capable of.

What are the differences between a regular practice exam and an anxiety exam? In a regular practical exam, you are judged the same as an anxiety exam. You only get more time than a regular exam. You have 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete the 35-minute exam ride. This means that you can take one or more breaks if you feel the nerves coming.

What does a performance anxiety exam for your driver’s license B look like? Watch the video on the left.

Franchise Driving School

driving school tilburg

We are looking for you!

Are you reliable, flexible, ambitious and independent? Then Driving School Tilburg is looking for you. You will work as a driving instructor and of course you are responsible for your franchise. You become a driving instructor in category B self-employed. You can successfully start your own franchise driving school at Driving School Tilburg!

Start your Franchise Driving School at Tilburg

In general, you have to pay an entrance fee or franchise fee at a franchise driving school. We do not work with this. We also do not offer strangulation contracts. We do offer a fixed hourly wage per lesson and you immediately know where you stand. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Become a driving instructor

Are you interested in a rewarding career as a driving instructor? At our driving school, you have the unique opportunity to join our enthusiastic team. We have a close partnership with Opleiding Rijinstructeur, the authority in driving instructor training. As an instructor with us, you can help others become confident and safe drivers. We provide a supportive environment where you can grow and share your passion for driving. Join us and take the first step towards a fulfilling career as a driving instructor!

More information

Driving School Tilburg

Tilburg is a city in North Brabant. Berker-Enschot and Udenhout this also belongs to North Brabant. Due to the location near these villages, our instructors also drives in that region. Unlike many other large cities, Tilburg has only one major highway. That does not mean that Tilburg is difficult to reach by car.

Tilburg also has several schools, such as Avans, Fontys and the TU. We are also a suitable driving school for students, because of our flexible lesson times during the weekend and the evenings, or during an intermediate hour.

See you soon at our Driving school Tilburg!

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